Kehilat Be’erot

A religious partnership community in Be'er Sheva

About Us

Founded in 2010, our community has grown to include more than 40 families, students, and singles – olim and sabras, who have come from different parts of the city, country, and abroad to be a part of this special kehila.

Kehilat Be’erot is a religiously open-minded community and synagogue dedicated to balancing a strong sense of tradition and innovation. 

At the heart of our community is a halachic synagogue wherein women both participate and lead services within the realm of halacha. Youth programming is also an essential component of our experience.  The children of our community are involved in prayer, ritual, and limmud. We are engaged in constant discussion and social and religious study while also being committed to personal and communal development as we seek the betterment of Be’er Sheva, the southern Israeli city which we call home.

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Our Projects

Bat Mitzvah Project

Be’erot has created and implemented a mother-daughter bat mitzvah program that is unique to Be’er Sheva, because we recognize that young women approaching their bat mitzvah are at an important stage in developing their personal and Jewish identity – just like their male counterparts. The program allows mothers and daughters to share quality bonding time through learning Torah and creating art, with time to reflect on the spiritual significance of the upcoming milestone together. 

Judaism and Torah Enrichment Program

Be’erot has introduced an innovative program called “Parasha Ve’Yetzira” (Torah Portion and Art) into the after-school program of a local Be’er Sheva public school. Each week, students discuss a particular theme from the weekly Torah portion and then do a corresponding artistic project. The focus of the program is on creativity and relevance through experiential learning and community building.

Community Garden

In 2013, we established a community garden transforming a neglected school property into a beautiful outdoor space. The garden has since served as a platform to share Jewish values and create a learning environment that encourages participation and teamwork. The garden provides an outlet for students to learn Torah through agriculturally centered mitzvot while staying in a safe space during after-school hours.

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