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It is amazing what we have accomplished together over the last year.

  • Tefilah – at least 2x per month for our spirited, beautiful, and family-friendly tefilot
  • Limmud – shiruim and divrei Torah on Shabbat, and our own tikkun leil on Shavuot
  • Chesed – picking grapefruit, making mishloach manot, working in the community garden, and our upcoming social action project with Merkaz Klita Ye’elim
  • Tarbut – tiyulim, movie nights, salsa dancing, and holiday celebrations
  • Tikshoret – Google and Facebook groups, monthly newsletters, and our own website:

Aside from the many hours that everyone has put in, we have also benefited from the generosity of individuals and organizations, in Israel and abroad, who believe in us and what we are doing.

  • The Be’er Sheva Municipality has allowed us to use Beit Yatziv.
  • The Jewish Agency has given us a grant to support our social action project and general community development.
  • Be’erot members and friends have sponsored insurance for the sefer Torah, our new siddurim, our Tanakh, the mechitzah, toy sifrei Torah for the children, and more.

But while all of this generosity has been vital for our development, it is not something that we can count on each year. To be sustainable, it is necessary not only for members of the community to take on responsibilities and contribute their knowledge and skills, but also to participate financially.

Participation Fee, Nov 2011 to Nov 2012

Back in April, we collected 400 NIS from each family or 150 NIS from each individual to cover the community’s financial needs for an 8-month period. We are now collecting for the next 12 months, and we have scaled up the participation fee accordingly to 600 NIS for each family and 200 NIS (a slightly smaller percent increase) for each individual. With the larger membership we now have, we hope to collect 12,000 NIS.

We will be developing a more detailed operating budget to send out to everyone in January, once we have a clearer picture of the impact of grant funding, but here is rough listing of our expected General Budget expenses over the next 12 months:

  • Additional Siddurim & Aliyah Cards
  • Sefer Torah Insurance
  • Storage @ Beit Yatziv
  • Banking Fees
  • Tefilat Yeladim & Children’s Programming
  • Social & Cultural Events
  • Coffee, Tea, Sugar, and Chad Pa’ami for Kiddush
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Administrative Costs
  • Marketing & Communication

Participation fees received from all active participants will enable us to cover these expenses. Sponsorships or grants we receive will enable us to supplement our reserves in preparation for future needs such as a sefer Torah and/or rental of larger space for our tefila and events.

If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring additional siddurim (20 more at 40 NIS apiece) or part of the expense of insuring the Sefer Torah (approximately 1600 NIS) please let us know.

Not Included in the Participation Fee

Kiddush – So far, members of the community have simply brought food each week that a special Kiddush is not sponsored. At the last community meeting, we decided to change the procedure so that Kiddush responsibilities are clearer. Two families, or 3-4 individuals, will be assigned responsibility for an upcoming Kiddush. There will be a standard list of what to purchase, costing around 50 NIS per family or 25-30 NIS per individual. Those responsible for Kiddush will purchase the food and drink, get it to Beit Yatziv, and do set up and clean up.

Shabbaton – Because it is such a large, one-time, expense, and because so many of the participants are not Be’erot community members, we do not use general community funds to subsidize the Shabbaton. Its costs are covered by outside grants and fees paid by Shabbaton participants. We will communicate the cost of this year’s Shabbaton as soon as we have more information from Beit Yatziv.

Special Events – For one-time events that have large costs, in which only a small number of community members may participate, we generally subsidize a portion of the event from general community funds, and charge a reduced fee for those in attendance.

If you have questions about any of these expenses, or our plans for the coming year, please contact a member of the Kehilat Be’erot Hanhala.

For details about how to pay your participation fee, click here to send an inquiry email.

Thank you for your support.