Levels of Giving

Nearly 5 years ago, 8 families started Beerot.

We are now a thriving and active 40-family community blooming in Beer Sheva. The only partnership-style minyan in the Negev, we meet every Shabbat and we offer a bastion of pluralism and Jewish connection in Beer Sheva.

Together we are branching out into the city, with social action and engagement projects, including a community garden, elementary school curriculum enrichment, holiday events, work with new immigrant children and progressive bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies for non-members. Beerot is involved in cooperative efforts with other non-profit organizations in Beer Sheva who are civically engaged and involved in city improvement projects.

We are also a family – a home away from home – for both Olim and Native Israelis whose kin do not live in the Negev. We are there to support each other in times of need, and celebrate happy occasions. Our presence in Beer Sheva has drawn almost 20 families to move to the city over the last few years, and enabled many more to stay.

You can support Beerot. Join us in building up the Negev with strong community, Jewish values and social action. Donate today.

Levels of Giving

  • $25 (100 NIS – approx) – a plant to help the Desert bloom in our community garden
  • $50 (200 NIS – approx) – sponsor one of our “Wells of Inspiration” Ted Talks Events – a platform for learning from a variety of “wells of knowledge” within our own community, and city
  • $100 (400 NIS – approx) – Holiday art activity for the kids, such as Sukkah decorating, or our festive Simchat Torah wall mural, which transform our simple and temporary classroom into a synagogue
  • $150 (600 NIS – approx) – Membership for a family who cannot afford to pay
  • $400 (1500 NIS – approx) – Communal Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebration, which draws people from around the city, includes musical Hallel, children’s activities, and a community-wide party with Beerot’s famous Israel and Jewish History Trivia

Levels of Giving