Partnership Minyans

A “partnership minyan” is a prayer group that is both committed to maintaining halakhic standards and practices and is also committed to including women in ritual leadership roles within the boundaries of Jewish Law. This means that the minyan is made up of ten men (and in some congregations a quorum of ten women is also required for those parts of the service that require a minyan), men and women are separated by a mehitza, and the traditional liturgy is used. However, women may fully participate in kriyat ha’Torah, including layning and receiving aliyot, and may lead parts of the prayer service such as psukei d’zimra and kabbalat Shabbat. (JOFA)


Relevant resources:

Qeri’at ha-Torah by Women: A Halakhic Analysis by Mendel Shapiro

Congregation Dignity and Human Dignity: Women and Public Torah Reading by Daniel Sperber


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