Life in Be’er Sheva

“The Negev offers the greatest opportunity to
accomplish everything from the very beginning.”

– David Ben Gurion



The Northern Negev region is booming. Today it takes only an hour to get from Be’er Sheva to both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by road or rail. The upgrading of the railway system and the building of the Route 6 Highway allow those who work in the center of Israel to easily commute. Both the building of the Army’s City of Training Bases, Ir HaBahadim, and the development of private industry in Be’er Sheva and the surrounding areas are contributing to this growth.

While only 2% of the population in the city are native English speakers, “Anglos,” are increasingly looking to this region for residential opportunities because of the more reasonable cost of living, accessibility to employment centers of the country, high quality environment, and the world class educational and research institutions. The Anglos who currently live in Be’er Sheva are an exceptionally welcoming group of people. We believe that by creating our community in this growing region, and in Be’er Sheva in particular, we will not only be able to attain a high quality of life, but will also be able to take part of the region’s growth.

Since the tent of Abraham and Sarah, Be’er Sheva has been a the center of our people as it reached out to a diverse world with the message of unity and the Oneness of the God of all humankind. Now, in today’s State of Israel, Be’er Sheva is a city teeming with diversity and hope for the future.

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