About Us

What We Do:

We meet every other week for Shabbat prayer services that are vibrant and inclusive.
We study traditional Torah texts in the spirit of open debate and exploration.
We organize chesed projects that connect our community to the larger community of Be’er Sheva.
We celebrate holidays together with song, study, food, and prayer.
We hold cultural events that feature music, film, and dance.


Our Vision:

Together, we chose the name “Be’erot” for our community. “Be’erot,” meaning “wells,” has great significance to us. On our first shabbaton in December 2010,  we studied the Biblical sources relating to the digging of wells. We discovered that water wells can represent innovation, vitality, femininity, tradition, and community – values and concepts we hope to embrace.

At our shabbaton, we developed the following vision for our community:

We will come together as a family and support each other in our daily lives, as well as during happy and sad times.  We will nurture our relationships through social, cultural, and recreational activities.  Everyone who wants to take part in a Shabbat meal should know that they will have where to go.  As we continue to cement our relationships within the community, we will reach out to the city-at-large.

 Our prayer will be conducted as a partnership-style minyan.  Limmud Torah and healthy debate will aid us to delve deeper into our relationships with ourselves, each other, and G-d.  We will strive to surpass language barriers so that everyone is able to understand and contribute.  Youth programming is an essential component of our experience.  The children of our community will be involved in prayer, ritual, and limmud.

Based on the ethical principles of Torah, we will create community action projects that are sustainable and meaningful based on the values of pluralism, humanism, and Zionism. Through our action projects we want to be a part of creating a better quality of life for Be’er Sheva’s residents.  Working with existing people and organizations, our aim is to further develop the opportunities Be’er Sheva has to offer and impact the city’s future growth.